The Poppy Foundation

Established in 2017 for eligible members in Auckland of participating RSA’s

• Providing financial assistance to veterans’ ex-service persons and their dependents for welfare associated costs eg: Glasses, hearing aids, dental and medical costs.  

• To be a participating RSA’s –an agreed percentage of poppy collection money is donated annually to TPF.   

• Claims paid regularly on 25th of the following month


Members of participating RSA’s, those

• Returned, Ex-servicemen or women and their spouses and dependents

• Who at the time of making an application for a welfare grant are ordinarily a resident in the Auckland Region and have belonged to the participating RSA for 3months or more at the time of claim.

• Entitled to the New Zealand Defence Service Medal: or is a member of any commonwealth or Allied Service with service similar award.



539 Mt Albert Road, Three Kings, Auckland 1042


Supporting veterans & their families to live their best life