PFT Claims

Participating RSA’s submit Grant Summary Forms to 3 working days before the committee meeting

The PFT Grant Committee reviews the Grant Summary Forms and documents submitted by participating RSA

Claims are approved.  If further information is required or declined the Participating RSA will be notified.  Payment for approved claims is made on 25th of following month.

Make a claim online

This form is for participating RSA’s. Because you can’t save your form once you start it’s important that you have everything ready. Make sure you have:

•  Contact details of your organisation (address, email address and phone number)

•  Claim details of individual applications (date, type of expense, amount claimed)

•  Copies of claim documents (e.g. receipt, invoice)

If you wish to progress with your online claim lodgement, click the corresponding buttons below:

Online Individual Grant Application Form

Online Grant Summary Form

Lodge a claim manually

Click to view or download our claim forms below. Simply fill it, then email it to us or print it off and pop it in the post. Remember to attach/include all your relevant supporting documents (e.g. receipt, invoice)

Download our Individual Grant Application form (PDF, 104KB)

Download our Grant Summary Form (PDF, 107KB)

Download our Mileage Claim Form (PDF, 85KB)

You can send the completed form to us at:


Post: 539 Mt Albert Rd, Three Kings, 1042, New Zealand

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